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2024 World Ayrshire Genetic Sale.

2024 World Ayrshire Genetic Sale.

Members, staff, and friends of the Ayrshire breed in the United Kingdom are looking forward to welcoming delegates from around the world to the World Ayrshire Federation Conference which is being held in the United Kingdom commencing on 30th June 2024. A fantastic itinerary has been constructed and preparation is well under way to provide attendees with an amazing experience of British culture, sightseeing, super herds of Ayrshire cattle, and wonderful hospitality.

As with previous conferences, we are delighted to confirm that we shall be conducting a world Ayrshire genetic sale, where we are inviting consignments of embryo packages from around the world to ensure that the sale both promotes the breed and offers new genetics to those who wish to invest into new bloodlines.

Lot numbers will be limited, and details are not required at this stage, but a provisional booking of a lot(s) is required. Further details will be sent out later in the year to all those who wish to be a part of the 2024 World Ayrshire Genetic Sale.

Please email [email protected] to confirm your interest.